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Dr. Karla Estrada

Dr. Karla Estrada
Director, Education

Dr. Karla Estrada serves as the Director of Education for the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE), where she will be spearheading an ambitious effort to help reform California’s special education system. 

Dr. Estrada has spent over 20 years as an educational leader committed to successfully addressing educational opportunities for all students. Until recently, Dr. Karla Estrada had the honor of serving the 56,000 students in Boston Public Schools as the Deputy Superintendent for the offices in the Academic and Student Support for Equity Team (ASSET).  Throughout her educational career, she has led efforts and collaborated with others to transform systems driven on compliance to those engaged in attaining successful instructional outcomes for all students.  Critical to this success has been the partnerships with schools, local and central offices,  which include being a proud teacher and administrator in Los Angeles Unified School District. Dr. Estrada’s own life journey required a great deal of resiliency and strength which is grounded in her cultural-linguistic identity.  She knows her story is similar to many of the students in our school communities, and like the educators in her life that focused on the assets she had, not the ones she did not have, Dr. Estrada stays focused on what is possible!  She believes that being an educational partner with students, families, communities, and fellow educators is essential to creating the opportunities needed to achieve success for all.

Phone: (818) 577-8443

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