California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

CCEE’s Role in the System of Support
We Co-Lead the Community Engagement Initiative

As part of the System of Support, the CCEE serves as a co-lead in managing and facilitating the work of the statewide Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) which is designed to:

  • Build capacity in communities and districts to have “difficult conversations” with each other and build trust, with a focus on improving outcomes for pupils.
  • Identify effective models of community engagement and metrics to evaluate those models.
  • Develop effective peer-to-peer partnerships between districts and COEs, utilizing CCEE’s PLN structure, to deepen community engagement.
  • Scale-up this work to improve community engagement statewide and incorporate practices that prove effective towards district and COE continuous improvement efforts.

The CCEE co-directs the CEI with the following agencies:

The First Phase of Work

The CEI will eventually convene three cohorts of schools and school districts over the next several years to build statewide capacity in community engagement. Each cohort will be called a Peer Leading and Learning Network (PLLN) and focus on a certain aspect of capacity building, implementation, and scaling-up.

During the initial phase of the work, the CEI has selected six districts to serve as the inaugural PLLN-Cohort I. The six districts (and corresponding county offices of education) are:

Goals of the Peer Leading and Learning Network-Cohort I are:

  • Deepen the community engagement of school districts and participating communities.
  • Define common characteristics and best practices where engagement among communities, pupils, schools and school districts are strong.
  • Identify and test metrics for measuring increases in community engagement.
  • Develop a protocol for facilitating future PLLNs to help other communities and school districts improve and deepen their relationships and interactions.
  • Develop criteria for selecting other teams that would benefit from and be successful in improving community engagement.
  • Create capacity within each team to cofacilitate a future Community Engagement Initiative PLLNs. 

Initiative Timeline

Additional CEI Resources

CEI Fact Sheet - A summary of the Community Engagement Initiative that details the CEI structure, timeline, and PLLN (Cohort I) meetings in 2019-2020.

CEI PowerPoint - A high-level slide deck that summarizes the CEI and outlines the expectations of the existing and future PLLN cohorts.

Learn more about the CEI
If you are interested in more information about CCEE’s role in the CEI, please contact Steven Sterling Mitchell, CCEE Senior Manager of the Community Engagement Initiative,