California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

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The CCEE Advisory Council Members

The members of the CCEE Advisory Council provide advice on issues brought by the CCEE Executive Director and/or council members. Issues for council advice should relate to the purposes for which the CCEE was established. The council itself also functions as an avenue of communication and information among school districts, county offices of education, the CCEE Executive Director and the Governing Board. The purpose of this function is to ensure the relevance and accuracy of information with which the CCEE is working, and to enhance the collaborative efforts of the CCEE.

County & District Superintendents

Rob Adams
Redding School District

Ted Alejandre
San Bernardino County Office of Education

Christi Barrett
Hemet Unified School District

Todd Cutler
Winters Joint Unified School District

Debra Duardo
Los Angeles County Office of Education

Francisco Escobedo
Chula Vista Elementary School District

Lisette Estrella-Henderson
Solano County Office of Education

Todd Finnell
Imperial County Superintendent of Schools

Jose Gonzalez
Planada Elementary School District

Dave Gordon
Sacramento County Office of Education

Patty Gunderson
Lassen County Office of Education

Chris Hartley
Humboldt County Superintendent of Schools

Diann Kitamura
Santa Rosa City Schools

Scott Kuykendall
Stanislaus County Office of Education

Leslie Lockhart
Culver City Unified School District

Krystal Lomanto
San Benito County Office of Education

Martha Martinez
Salinas Elementary Unified School District

Susan Salcido
Santa Barbara County Office of Education

Christine Walker
Hueneme Elementary School District

Jim Yovino
Fresno County Office of Education  

Ex-Officio Member
Mary Jane Burke
Marin County Office of Education