California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

The CCEE Advisory Council

The Advisory Council provides advice on issues brought to the council by the CCEE Executive Director and/or council members. Issues for council advice should relate to the purposes for which the CCEE was established and should generally meet the following criteria: 1) the issue is of significant importance to the CCEE 2) the issue is consistent with the purpose of the organization 3) the issue is of significant importance to the field.

In addition, the council functions as an avenue of communication and information among school districts, county offices of education, the CCEE Executive Director and the Governing Board. This function can be accomplished by written/electronic means, as well as during scheduled meetings. The purpose of this function is to insure the relevance and accuracy of information with which the CCEE is working, and to enhance the collaborative efforts of the CCEE.

Next Meeting:
May 1, 2019
Hilton Garden Inn, Sacramento, CA

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