Areas of Focus


Partner with local educational agencies (LEAs) to facilitate research and evaluation to support locally defined short-cycle projects aimed at supporting student outcomes

Sujie Shin, Deputy Executive Director

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Improve access and coherence of supports for schools and districts to implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL). In partnership with the California UDL Coalition and others, CCEE is developing a digital tool to support district administrators/teams in the implementation of UDL by providing a basic work plan paired with California organizations and resources that can support that work.

The UDL Journey Guide 

James McKenna, Assistant Director, Professional Learning & Leadership Development
Sehrish Anjum, Program Specialist, Professional Learning

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Collect and analyze internal data to measure program impact and value across the organization, including but not limited to:

● Professional learning resources
● Webinars/sessions
● Fiscal investments
● Engagement with external partners

Michelle Magyar, Senior Advisor, Policy Engagement & Impact Analysis
Allan Taing, Senior Manager, Research & Impact Analysis
Italo Ciccarelli, Program Specialist, Data & Impact

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Center Team