Areas of Focus                

Statewide System of Support

Facilitates the development of a shared vision for implementation of the Statewide System of Support (SSOS) that develops coordinated actions resulting in equitable educational student outcomes.

Nine geographic leads work together to provide the following support for county offices (COEs) and school districts:

  • Provide expertise to build the capacity of other COEs to effectively provide support to school districts.
  • Identify existing resources and (if requested by the California Department of Education (CDE) and the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)) develop new resources to improve student outcomes under state priorities, or other areas of identified need.
  • Coordinate and calibrate support provided to local educational agencies with other geographic and expert lead agencies, special education resources lead agencies, the CCEE, and the CDE.
  • Provide necessary assistance to school districts, when requested by a district or county superintendent.
  • Be willing to establish goals and be held accountable for improved performance across multiple measures.
  • Perform other duties as specified by the CDE and the CCEE.

Geo Leads also connect COEs and local educational agencies (LEAs) to the other initiatives within California's System of Support.

Geographic Lead Agencies
CCEE Geographic Lead Website
Geo Lead Agencies Theory of Action

Chris Hartley, EdD, Deputy Executive Director
Mindy Fattig, Senior Advisor of System of Support
Kashani Daniels, Program Specialist

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Statewide Support for Districts and Local Educational Agencies (LEAs)

Provide information and coordination to build the capacity of LEAs and support the implementation of statewide initiatives resulting in equitable educational student outcomes.

Provide support directly to local educational agencies (LEAs) through various resources to support systems change and improvement. Projects include:

  • Summer Game Plan Series: In collaboration with Partnership for Children and Youth, provides resources and technical assistance for LEAs to design and implement summer learning programs.
  • Whole Child Design Series: In collaboration with Turnaround for Children, provides training and intensive coaching to design whole-child systems to address social-emotional needs of students and learning acceleration.
  • Transforming Education in California: In collaboration with the Small School Districts Association and the Community Schools Learning Exchange, provides support to implement initiatives related to the significant new funding in 2021-22 for TK-12 schools and invest these funds  to transform schools and the broader community.

Summer Game Plan Series
Whole Child Design Series
Transforming Education in California

Roni Jones, EdD, Assistant Director, System of Support
Kashani Daniels, Program Specialist, Equity and System of Support

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