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California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

Direct Technical Assistance (DTA)

Bringing Tailored Instructional Support to the Local Level

CCEE DTA Modes of Engagement

We aim to assist and support LEAs as part of DTA and we do so through three Modes of Engagement which are rooted in continuous improvement. The goal is to build your team’s capacity to uncover root causes of instructional challenges as a team, and jointly solve problems. The Modes of Engagement are:

  • Consultancy
    The CCEE engages with the LEA/COE team in a series of protocols to examine a problem of practice.
  • Collaborative Planning
    We work alongside LEA/COE staff and other appropriate team members to design key activities the CCEE will facilitate.
  • Cooperative Facilitation
    Our agency partners with the LEA/COE team and other appropriate team members to design, organize and co-facilitate key activities
Diagram showing CCEE's Direct Technical Assistance Models of Engagement

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