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California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

CCEE COVID-19 Distance Learning Technical Assistance Resources

To support local educational agencies transition to virtual learning, the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) is partnering with technical assistance providers and expert practitioners to provide resources, guidance, training, and ongoing professional learning for schools and districts.

Featured Resources

Available Modules

Maximizing the System of Support to support equity and social-emotional learning

These resources provide guidance around enhancing equity and supporting social-emotional learning in the virtual learning environment. Learn about best practices and strategies that educators can employ to improve teaching and learning through an equity lens.

Guidance and training to support initial set-up

Unsure of where to start? These resources will guide teachers, administrators, school site and district leaders in developing a Distance Learning Plan, setting up a virtual learning system, and/or getting started with Canvas or Google Classroom.

Resources to support teaching and learning in the virtual environment

Learn best practices for integrating online tools to enhance classroom instruction and deepen family engagement! These resources will provide educators with tools and strategies to support students in virtual classrooms. Specific tools will be tailored to meet the unique challenges of supporting highly mobile students, students with limited access to connectivity and devices, English learners, and students with disabilities. “Office hours” with experts provide additional guidance around specific grade-level and subject matter content, technology, and pedagogical needs.

Targeted assistance and coaching

Ongoing professional learning opportunities in the form of distance learning consortia and networks, coaching, and targeted technical assistance support high-need districts and districts serving at-risk students.