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Day 2: Coaching Co-Teachers


Participants will:
1. Deepen their understanding of what co-teaching is and is not
2. Explore various rationale for co-teaching, including meeting the needs of English learners with disabilities
3. Examine the unique features, potential benefits, and cautions associated with the use of each of the four predominant approaches to co-teaching
4. View video footage examples of each co-teaching approach
5. Be provided with tools and assessment instruments designed to facilitate trust, communication, coordination of effort, and lesson planning
6. Be provided with answers to the most frequently asked questions about co-teaching


Dr. Richard Villa is president of Bayridge Consortium, Inc. and an ternationally known expert on the development of general education support systems. He has authored 26 books and over 100 chapters and journal articles on topics from co-teaching and differentiated instruction to inclusion and leadership in school reform and restructuring.


Dr. Jacqueline Thousand is professor emerita at California State University San Marcos and vice president of Bayridge Consortium.  She is a well-known national and international teacher, author, systems change consultant, disability rights and inclusive education advocate.


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