Planning for Hybrid Learning with an Equity Lens

If you are planning to have students both on-site and remote, join CCEE, Riverside COE, San Diego COE, and Copernicus Coaching & Consulting for a deep dive into the Hybrid Learning Playbook. We will walk through various tools from the Playbook to support your team in planning for the upcoming school year, with a focus on equity and strong teaching and learning.

Stakeholder Engagement for Continuity of Learning through an Equity Lens

Stakeholder feedback and input will be critical as LEAs plan for a new model of teaching and learning in responds to CDE, CDC, and other pandemic guidelines. Join us for this webinar to learn how tools from the Continuity of Learning Playbooks can help you work with teachers, families, and community members. Attendees will also hear from other LEAs how they are engaging stakeholders across their schools to plan for continuity of learning this coming year.

Supporting Historically Underserved Students

This session is focused on social justice, equity, and liberation for underserved students/communities, as the critically conscious lenses for the design, implementation, and evaluation of school improvement processes and curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices. Daryton Ramsey is a Director in the Department of Accountability & Continuous Improvement at Ventura COE and has served as a middle school classroom teacher, principal, and dean of academics. He is committed to racial justice and equity.

Distance Learning Consortium: Introduction to Distance Learning Lessons, Units of Study, and Professional Learning Resources

Please join CCEE and a consortium of county offices of education for a webinar that introduces all of the distance learning content, resources, and professional development opportunities that have been developed to share with LEAs and COEs across the state.

Learn how to access these free resources, which include TK-12 weekly lessons and units of study, weekly lessons for summer learning, and professional development courses. Lessons and units of study are aligned to the CA Common Core State Standards, which include Universal Design For Learning principles and English Language Development strategies.

Learning Acceleration: A webinar on accelerating instruction in the coming year

As district and school leaders plan to launch a very different school year, they must plan to address students’ unfinished learning and accelerate learning amid the continued uncertainty brought on by the pandemic.


We know typical remediation won’t come close to catching students up and likely compound the problem. Instead, schools need a fundamentally different approach to put every student on a fast track back to grade level.


CCEE has invited TNTP to walk through their Learning Acceleration Guide to help leaders bring the recommendations to life — and we’d love for you to join.

KCSOS Distance Learning Lessons

In this session, attendees will learn more about the TK-12 distance learning lessons that were developed by Kern County Superintendent of Schools (KCSOS). Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, these free weekly lessons in ELA, ELD, Mathematics, and SEL prioritize accessibility and student choice. Lessons can be accessed within the Canvas Learning Management System, but are also available as printables to ensure that students who lack access to devices or connectivity are able to continue their learning without interruption.


Click here to access the lessons and units of study developed by the Distance Learning Consortium.

SBCSS Professional Learning Modules: Facilitating the Foundations of Distance Learning

In this session, attendees will learn about the professional development courses that have been developed by San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) to support asynchronous or synchronous professional learning for all educators, PreK-12. Participants will receive an overview of the content that is intended to highlight the essentials of Tier 1 best first instruction with an intentional transition to distance learning through courses in early learning, family engagement, Universal Design for Learning, and lesson design. Information for accessing and designing on-line course content will also be shared.


Click here to access the lessons and units of study developed by the Distance Learning Consortium.

OCDE FLIP Supplemental Support Modules – Facilitated Learning with Integration & Personalization

In this session, attendees will learn more about Orange County Department of Education (OCDE)’s supplementary support distance learning modules for TK-8th grade.The 6-week units are intended for use by all California schools and districts highlighting essential ELA and math standards organized around engaging science and history/social science topics.


Click here to access the lessons and units of study developed by the Distance Learning Consortium.

SDCOE Units of Study for Distance Learning: An Integrated and Thematic Approach

In this session, attendees will receive information and resources to support the implementation of curriculum units developed by the San Diego County Office of Education. The modular units of study are integrated in grades K-5 and thematic in grades 6-12 and are designed with flexibility in mind for different distance learning plans. They bring together the content areas of ELA, ELD, Mathematics, Science, History/Social Science, the Arts, Computer Science, Physical Education, and Health. The units are designed to develop increased understanding, retention, and application of key learning concepts and skills.


Click here to access the lessons and units of study developed by the Distance Learning Consortium.