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2018-2019 CCEE Trainings

The CCEE’s professional learning supports educators and educational stakeholders so they can master all aspects of “local control” from analyzing student performance data to instilling more budget transparency.

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The CCEE is a different kind of statewide agency that is working to strengthen the state System of Support for every student. Catch up on the latest CCEE-related news and activities here!


CCEE Direct Technical Assistance Online Request Form
Through CCEE’s Direct Technical Assistance programs, we bring targeted support to the local level. Using an integrated, highly collaborative approach, we focus on key areas, and provide whatever form of assistance is called for – from analyzing and addressing existing challenges to helping identify and develop new opportunities. If your local educational agency (LEA) is interested in requesting Direct Technical Assistance from the CCEE, please click the link below and submit an online form.

Direct Technical Assistance Online Request Form

CA School Field Trip: A Podcast

Join us every month as the CCEE takes you on an “audio field trip” to hear the real stories of school communities that are tackling issues of school improvement and equity. What challenges and opportunities do they face as they embark on California’s new approach to teaching and learning? Tune in and subscribe!

Episode 10: Why Networks? A Look Inside Professional Learning Networks