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System of Support Update (11/20/2020)

November 20, 2020
Distance Teaching & Learning

COVID-19 Updates and Public Schools: A Conversation with State Public Health Leaders

November 19, 2020 Reopening Schools
This webinar features leaders from the California Department of Public Health and the California Health and Human Services Agency. They will provide an update on the county tier status and impact on local educational agencies. Information will be shared about current trends and related state support and […]
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Creating Safe and Supportive Classrooms in Distance Learning Environments

November 6, 2020
Author Tom Armelino, Executive Director, CCEE With the severely disrupted 2019-20 school year behind us, the majority of students receiving their education in virtual settings, and the pandemic still front and center in our communities, the need to connect and re-envision partnerships with students and families has never [...]
Distance Teaching & Learning

Managing & Improving Your Work

November 4, 2020 Equity, Learning Acceleration
At the end of this session, you will be able to: Understand the process for implementing continuous improvement cycles. Begin to develop an improvement cycle in one key area to ensure students continue to experience equitable, high-quality virtual learning. Determine current status of this work within your […]
Distance Teaching & Learning

Planning Your Training for Teachers and Leaders

October 28, 2020 Equity, Learning Acceleration
At the end of this session, you will be able to: Understand the priorities and process for planning effective professional learning.  Analyze current approach to professional learning within your district.  Create a plan for supporting professional learning for school leaders/teachers within  your role. Presenter Suzanne Marks, TNTP […]
System of Support

System of Support Update (10/23/2020)

October 23, 2020
System of Support

Introducing the 21st Century California School Leadership Academy (21CSLA)

October 23, 2020 Leadership, Professional Development
Come and learn about the 21st Century California School Leadership Academy (21CSLA)! Participants will be introduced to the partners and scope of the 21CSLA initiative. This will also be an opportunity to provide feedback that informs the design and future work. Primary Presenter Rebecca Cheung, Ed.D. – […]
System of Support

Measuring Impact on Equity Work (Equity Lead SDCOE)

October 23, 2020 Equity, Professional Development
Measuring the impact of Equity Professional Learning is complex. There is a dearth of data in the educational field that exemplifies the impact of equity trainings on educators. Learn about the evaluation and assessments SDCOE intentionally utilized in order to keep track of the impact of Equity […]
System of Support

Ways 2 Equity Playbook (Equity Lead SCCOE)

October 23, 2020 Equity
The Ways 2 Equity Playbook, a navigational tool for districts and school sites to use on their equity journey, was launched by Santa Clara County Office of Education in September 2020. The Ways 2 Equity Playbook is the culminating project of the CA1: Highway to Success for […]
System of Support

Enacting the English Learner Roadmap Policy (EL Roadmap EWIG)

October 23, 2020 Equity
Multilingual California and EL RISE! Educator Workforce Investment Grants (EWIG), share the goals of preparing educators to enact the vision and principles of the CA English Learner Roadmap and of building system mechanisms to centralize the needs of English Learners, thus dramatically accelerating academic and multilingual opportunities […]
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