Fresno At-Home Science

Developed in partnership with Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Description At-Home Science Learning For Grades K-5 is a series of science based activities that can be held both in class and at home. This series builds [...]

CCEE Connection (July 2021)

As schools reopen for in-person instruction, there is a need to acknowledge the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on students, families, and educators. With a partner contribution from the California Teachers Association (CTA), the [...]

Getting Back to Basics: Supporting Ourselves and Supporting Our Students

Author Karen Taylor, Region IV Instruction & Professional Development (IPD) Staff, California Teachers Association (CTA), Certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), how people respond to the experience [...]

CTQ Responsive Teaching & Learning

The Responsive Teaching and Learning learning path considers strategies for student-centered instruction and support. Modules examine approaches for providing instruction in a variety of settings: distance, hybrid, and in-person. Classroom-based educators (including teachers and other […]

CTQ Advancing Equity

The Advancing Equity path focuses on strategies that build inclusion, equity, and belonging for staff and students. Modules offer strategies for going beyond diversity awareness to explicitly anti-racist and anti-bias approaches as teachers and other […]

CTQ Systems Leadership

Developed in partnership with Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ), this learning path will approach opportunities and challenges through the lens of systems thinking. Modules offer new frames to think about how we lead and influence […]

Navigating a Roadmap for the Next Normal in Education

This learning path focuses on how district and site leaders can establish a strong foundation for this next normal in education (key actions for fall 2021 and beyond). The pandemic has been chaotic, and yet […]

The Road Behind Us & The Work Ahead with CCEE Deputy Executive Director Sujie Shin

Sujie Shin, CCEE Deputy Executive Director, reflects on the unprecedented year we’ve had in education and on the lessons learned by the CCEE through its efforts during the pandemic. She shares the thinking behind the […]

Advancing Labor-Management Collaboration and Partnerships

Effective collaborative teams are an essential ingredient to support coherent systems, develop inclusive problem solving, and reach equitable outcomes for students. We all have a key role to play in creating these strong collaborative teams […]

Inclusive Practices in In-Person, Hybrid, and Distance Learning Environments

How do we design inclusive programs that welcome all students in the general education classroom across online, in-person, and hybrid environments? You’ll tackle this essential question through engaging, interactive content, authentic application exercises that help […]
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