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Distance Learning for Highly Mobile Student Populations

June 10, 2020 Distance Learning Strategies
The highly mobile student population includes youth in foster care, on probation, who are homeless, who migrate, are newcomers to the US, live in military families, and students who are mobile for many other reasons. Highly mobile students can often be difficult to serve because of their […]
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Designing Support for IT Professionals

June 9, 2020 Online Teaching and Learning
The way we provide technology services has changed dramatically since the start of pandemic restrictions, especially for those in rural locations. Providing new forms of WiFi access, mass distribution of devices, increased loads on Help Desk staff, and supporting devices at home are all new challenges. How […]
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Maintaining High Levels of Parent/Family Engagement During Distance Learning

June 8, 2020 Family and Community Engagement
At a time where staff, families, and students feel so isolated, it is even more important to maintain high levels of engagement with our families. Find out how creating strong family bonds and leadership among parent stakeholders helped a district maintain these high levels of engagement even […]
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Planning Equity-Driven Distance and Hybrid Learning: Introduction to the Continuity of Learning Playbooks

June 5, 2020 Online Teaching and Learning
Schools and districts are likely at different stages in their transitions to distance or hybrid learning. The Continuity of Learning Playbooks are intended to be a guide as LEAs plan for teaching and learning based on the individual needs, concerns, and goals of their school and district […]
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Designing Distance Learning with an Equity Lens

June 3, 2020 Distance Learning Strategies
In order to move toward equity, leaders and educators must “remove the predictability of success and failure that currently correlates with any social, economic, or cultural factor” (National Equity Project). Guided by reflective questions, you will gain valuable insight in planning distance learning to support equitable outcomes […]
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Supporting the Technology Needs of Educators and Administrators

June 2, 2020 Online Teaching and Learning
How do you support the different distance learning scenarios in place now and in the fall? What do your educators and administrators need to be prepared? How do you engage students while ensuring their privacy when not in the classroom? We’ll address these questions while considering what […]
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Distance Learning Strategies for Small and Rural Districts

May 27, 2020 Distance Learning Strategies
This session will provide recommendations and considerations for the development and implementation of distance learning plans and instruction for small and rural districts. Administrators, instructional leaders, and teachers are working together to strengthen the development and delivery on online instruction and distance learning examples of overcoming hurdles […]
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Best Practices in Online Instruction

May 20, 2020 Distance Learning Strategies
Whether we like it or not, online and remote teaching are now the defacto standards in our profession. This rapid shift has caught many educators and educational leaders off-guard and feeling overwhelmed. CUE Chief Learning Officer Jon Corippo will be sharing tools and techniques that bring clarity […]
Distance Teaching & Learning

Iterating to Innovate: Refining the Distance Learning Ecosystem

May 19, 2020 Distance Learning Systems
Deciphering how one part of a system influences another part of the system is vital to continuously improve and ensure the system is meeting the needs of all stakeholders. In order to ensure distance learning systems are responsive, adaptive, and equitable, leaders need to understand feedback loops used [...]
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Designing an Inclusive Distance Learning Plan

May 18, 2020 Special Education
The global pandemic is causing stress and uncertainty for so many people. This makes it challenging for anyone to apply their best judgement. This is especially true for educators planning a distance learning program, while managing their personal needs during such a stressful time. In this webinar, […]
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