CAAASA Field Guide 2: Learning and Healing Together

CAAASA Field Guide 2: Learning and Healing Together explores the relationship between emotions and learning, including the considerable stressors experienced by students, families, and educators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear from authentic voices in the […]

CAAASA Field Guide 1: Transitioning Back to School with a Focus on Relationships

CAAASA Field Guide 1: Transitioning Back to School with a Focus on Relationships examines the costs of distance learning, the lessons learned, and the opportunities for growth. Hear from authentic voices in the field, including […]

Strategies to Engage Students and Accelerate Learning

Summer learning provides a renewed opportunity to invite stakeholders to the table, including teachers, parents, and community partners, to collaborate as key designers of a balanced approach to student learning. A blend of academics, social […]

CCEE Connection (May 2021)

The May edition of the CCEE Connection offers applicable resources, tools, and strategies to support LEAs plan for and develop summer learning programs. Featuring an article written by CCEE Executive Director Tom Armelino and partner […]

Summer 2021 Opportunities and the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative

Authors Karen Cowe, CEO, Ten Strands Allie Rigby, Author, Ten Strands As public parks and schools continue to open across California, this summer will feel different than last.  Now is the time to expand outdoor learning [...]

Year-Round Learning – The Time Has Come

Author Jennifer Peck, President and CEO, Partnership for Children and Youth (PCY) Over the decades, there’s been much commentary about the downsides of our school calendar, which was designed to accommodate a farming economy. While this [...]

Reversing the “Summer Slide”

Author Tom Armelino, Executive Director, CCEE A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University researchers estimates that as much as two-thirds of the achievement gap in the elementary grades can be directly traced to learning loss in [...]

Summer Technical Assistance Hub

Summer 2021 offers an important opportunity to address the learning, social, and emotional recovery that so many California students need after a year of school closures and related challenges. In response to these challenges, CCEE […]

Leading Forward in Rural Settings with Superintendent Chris Hartley

Dr. Chris Hartley, Superintendent of Schools for the Humboldt County Office of Education, joins Leading Forward to share the benefits and challenges of leading in rural settings. Dr. Hartley talks about the importance of project-based […]

Theories of Action as a Tool for Developing & Implementing Balanced Assessment Systems

This session introduces theories of action as a tool for helping district and school leaders identify the problems/issues they are trying to address through the design and implementation of assessment systems. Theories of action provide […]
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