To assist LEA leaders planning for teaching and learning in the COVID-19 context, the CCEE has created a NEW Health & Safety Guidebook as part of its easy-to-understand online Continuity of Learning tools, which include the Distance Learning Playbook and the Hybrid Learning Playbook.

Building on the COVID-19 INDUSTRY GUIDANCE: Schools and School Based Program,  the Guidebook focuses on the following key areas: 1) Community Health Context, 2) Facilities and School Operations, 3) Safe School Environments, and 4) Cohorts for Safe Learning. Launch the Health & Safety Guidebook to access streamlined and up-to-date state and federal guidance around health and safety decisions that school communities are facing, with rationales, examples, tools, and resources to support decision-making and implementation of efforts to help students re-enter schools.

Launch the Health and Safety Guidebook