The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence is partnering with the CDE Expanded Learning Division and the State Board of Education to support the System of Support for Expanded Learning Professional Learning Opportunity on High Impact Tutoring. This session will feature presentations from J-PAL at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Annenberg Institute at Brown University, and National Student Support Accelerator, followed by a break and a discussion of statewide efforts and budget initiatives aligned to this work. The focus of this professional learning opportunity will be on integrating effective tutoring into expanded learning programs and in alignment with core instruction.

This session corresponds with the newly created resources for the Playbook for Accelerating Learning (PAL) section on models to inspire different ways to accelerate learning. Tutoring, a form of teaching, one-on-one or in a small group, toward a specific goal, is one way to support this acceleration. CCEE features a new video with Dr. Susanna Loeb from the National Student Support Accelerator to share research, best practices, and resources educators can use when implementing high-impact tutoring at their LEAs. Additional resources from J-PAL to design evidence-based tutoring programs and case study examples are also included to support LEAs with tutoring.

Following this foundational session with leaders from expanded learning, CCEE and SBE will continue to coordinate sessions with various partners to provide technical assistance for LEAs seeking to strengthen the implementation of tutoring. This collaboration will also inform a larger statewide initiative to establish an infrastructure to develop educators from all areas (classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, teacher candidates, after school providers, and service) to implement evidence-based best practices to accelerate learning.

Kim Dadisman, Senior Policy Research Manager, J-PAL North America, MIT
Vincent Quan, Associate Director, J-PAL North America, MIT
Susanna Loeb, Director, Annenberg Institute at Brown University

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Professional Learning

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Systems Leadership

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Continuous Improvement, Responsive Teaching & Learning