Field Guide #1: Transitioning Back to School with a Focus on Relationships examines the ways in which the remote learning policy, (which was our most rational means of addressing both the need to deliver on-going education during a pandemic and simultaneously adhere to the quarantine protocols suddenly erected to reduce the spread of the deadly coronavirus) came at a cost. Remote education also meant disconnected human relationships.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the importance of human relationships in your local educational ecosystem.
  • Recommit ourselves to the value of “community” in our schools.
  • Identify those practices and behaviors that enhance or diminish relationships in a school building and/or a school community.
  • Describe and dissect the attitudes, practices, and strategies that contribute to improved student-to-student, teacher-student, parent-and-teacher, as well as school-and-community relationships.
  • Devise plans to implement more culturally-responsive relationship-building practices at your school site.
Developed in Partnership with
California Association of African-American Superintendents & Administrators (CAAASA)


Resource Type

Professional Learning, Reports & Publications

Type of Audience

LEA Leadership, Site Administrator / Instructional Coach, Teacher

Topic Area

Equity, Family and Community Engagement, Social-Emotional Well-being