Mt. Diablo USD became eligible for CCEE assistance in late 2019 after 2018-19 California School Dashboard data showed the district failed to meet state priority outcomes for a third year in a row. This year marked the third year for the CA Dashboard, which enacted Education Code subdivision (g) of Section 52064.5 (CA School Dashboard) for three or more pupil groups identified pursuant to Section 52052, in three out of four consecutive school years, the district is eligible for support from CCEE. The student groups for MDUSD are foster youth, students experiencing homelessness and African American. The table below indicates the student groups performance in comparison to the average statewide performance for that student group (the most recent year data are available).


The graphic below shows the enrollment percentage of these student groups relative to the district’s entire student population.


Mt. Diablo USD serves a diverse student population, with Hispanic students representing the largest portion of the student population, followed by White and Asian students, as reported on the CA Dashboard.


Systemic Instructional Review Themes

The MDUSD SIR report and MDUSD SIR report executive summary was completed on March 31, 2021 and posted to the CCEE website. Four themes emerged as a result of data collection: 1) coherence, 2) equity, 3) accountability, and 4) autonomy

Progress Update

CCEE has met regularly with the MDUSD and Contra Costa County Office of Education teams to receive updates on their progress towards prioritizing SIR actions for their first cycle of improvement. CCEE has provided MDUSD leadership with tools and resources to engage in a prioritization process as well as tools to document their priority actions. CCEE has provided a part-time professional expert who engages regularly with MDUSD’s Chief of Educational Services on the process and to provide input and coaching to further narrow down the actions, identify the needed supports to successfully implement the SIR actions, and outline the progress monitoring cycle that they will engage in beginning Summer 2021. The MDUSD team has engaged in a prioritization process with a district team and initially identified 16 priority actions. Through coaching and guidance the team has further narrowed their priority actions to six, with a focus on the development and implementation of an instructional plan to guide the improvement work throughout the district. 

Next Steps

CCEE has advised MDUSD to create a clear action plan that highlights the SIR recommended actions that have been identified as focus areas for the upcoming cycle of improvement. In this plan we have advised that MDUSD identify the steps to achieving the action and the metrics that will be used to determine if progress and actions are met. We have also advised that this plan be communicated to all stakeholders to provide clarity on the direction and focus of the district. CCEE continues to work with the MDUSD and Contra Costa COE leadership teams to identify needed supports for the successful implementation of the prioritized SIR actions.