Bringing Tailored Instructional Support to the Local Level

An important part of our work is teaming with county offices of education (COEs) and other expert resources to build the capacity of individual Local Education Agencies (LEAs) through Direct Technical Assistance (DTA).

Using an integrated, highly collaborative approach, we focus on key areas, and provide whatever form of assistance is called for – from analyzing and addressing existing challenges to helping identify and develop new opportunities.

In addition, we utilize innovation to drive equity and access for all students by leveraging a rolodex of professional experts to meet the needs of our partners.

The following illustrates how districts and charters engage with CCEE:

Primary Pathway

  • Under the System of Support, an LEA should first consult with its COE. The COE will consider the request and may confer with the regional Geographic Lead Agency (Geo Lead) in determining the right kind of support. If the county and Geo Lead agree the advice and assistance from the CCEE is necessary, then our agency can engage with and consider offering DTA to the LEA.

Special Circumstances Pathways

  • Under a special state legislative statute (AB 1840), an LEA can automatically be referred to the CCEE for Wraparound Support if the LEA is receiving an emergency apportionment (state loan) because it is fiscally insolvent. Please visit Wraparound Support for more detailed information about this pathway.
  • An LEA can choose to contact us directly to receive DTA support on a fee for service basis.
  • The State Superintendent of Public Instruction can automatically refer an LEA to the CCEE that comes to his/her attention during an ongoing review process.

CCEE DTA Modes of Engagement

We aim to assist and support LEAs as part of DTA and we do so through three Modes of Engagement which are rooted in continuous improvement. Please visit DTA Modes of Engagement for more detailed information.

What Informs Our Work

The CCEE provided customized, research-informed, hands-on support to 12 LEAs via multi-year Partnerships. Our experience through that work shapes the assistance we now provide as part of Wraparound Support. Lessons learned include:

  • Making meaning of the LCFF process is the work 
  • Retaining focus on instructional practice must be intentional
  • The power of a local coach is key
  • Sustained change is not simple or quick
  • Meaningful engagement must be designed and intentional across all stakeholders at every stage of the process

Additional DTA Resources

  • CCEE DTA Handout - A summary of the CCEE’s DTA that outlines how to access DTA from the CCEE and our Modes of Engagement.
  • CCEE DTA PowerPoint - A comprehensive slide deck that explains DTA special circumstances pathways and the CCEE’s Systemic Instructional Review.


If your LEA is interested receiving DTA from the CCEE, please submit the online request form below.