We Are An Integral Part of the System of Support

Established by statute in 2013, the CCEE has been designated as one of the key agencies charged with growing and strengthening California’s innovative System of Support.

Partnering with the California Department of Education (CDE), we work closely with county offices of education (COEs). CCEE acts as a leader, facilitator and connector to points throughout the system. Our specific responsibilities include:

Facilitate and enable communication among COEs and Lead Agencies

In consultation with the State Board of Education (SBE), we partner with the CDE to coordinate communication among the system’s Lead Agencies who are mostly embedded within COEs  across the state. They build capacity to ensure coherence and consistency within the state’s public school system.

Co-lead the work of the Community Engagement Initiative

We help to build the capacity of school districts and communities to have “difficult conversations” with each other and build trust, with a focus on improving student outcomes.

Facilitate the work of the Special Education Resource Lead Agencies

In partnership with the CDE, the CCEE supports SELPA Lead Agencies which work collaboratively to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

Raise the effectiveness and impact of education practices statewide

We take the lead in collecting, analyzing and disseminating best practices and research to education professionals throughout California.

Collaborate on innovative projects

CCEE works closely with COEs, Local Educational Agencies (LEAs), key influencers, advocacy partners, and nonprofits to develop joint initiatives and coordinate statewide efforts in support of local control and continuous improvement. We promote innovative thinking at the local level and improve decision-making to help close equity and achievement gaps in school communities.

Evaluate the System of Support

CCEE expands the use of evaluation data and data protocols to measure and communicate the impact of the System of Support. We use this data to cultivate knowledge, practices, mindsets, and system changes needed to address systemic bias and inequities, shaping a culture of continuous improvement within the System of Support. Click here to learn about the System of Support Evaluation.