We Support SELPA Lead Agencies

In partnership with the California Department of Education (CDE), the CCEE facilitates the work of the Special Education Resource (SELPA) Lead Agencies which work collaboratively within the System of Support to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. There are two types of SELPA Lead Agencies which are housed within designated COEs across in the state:

SELPA System Improvement Lead

This type of SELPA Lead builds capacity of SELPAs statewide through training and supporting the use of data best practices, as well as evidence-based practices in root cause analyses, systems alignment, and coherence.

The SELPA System Improvement Lead is made up of the following agencies:

SELPA Content Leads

There are four SELPA Content Lead Agencies that offer further support to SELPAs so they can help Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) develop and implement evidence-based practices for students with disabilities.

The SELPA Content Leads are listed below along with their content focus areas:

SELPA Leads Theory of Action