California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

Professional Learning

2018-2019 CCEE Trainings

We are pleased to offer a variety of professional learning opportunities during the 2018-2019 academic year to help you or your team increase knowledge and build capacity.

Our trainings were developed based on the needs of educators in the field. Dates, times, and locations for each training will vary. Subscribe to the CCEE’s Listserv for more detailed updates on all trainings!

October 2018

New Way of Supporting Alternative Schools

Delve into the new Dashboard Alternative School Status (DASS) program, understand why the program was created, and learn about the different methods used to better support alternative schools serving high-risk populations.

CCEE Zoom Webinar
October 26, 2018
1pm – 2:30pm
View CCEE’s DASS Toolkit

December 2018

Make It Meaningful: Authentic LCAP Stakeholder Engagement

This online training will provide "how-to" communication strategies that enhance in-person engagement at LCAP stakeholder meeting and build greater awareness about CA School Dashboard results. The training is open to all audiences.

CCEE Zoom Webinar
December 12, 2018
1pm - 2:30pm
View CCEE's Authentic LCAP Engagement Toolkit

January 2019

Rethinking Increased/Improved Services & the LCAP

Learn how to think differently regarding the ‘increase or improve services for unduplicated students’ requirement in the LCAP. This webinar will introduce protocols and other tools helping districts move beyond asking “Can I spend supplemental and concentration funds on a certain program?” to “Should I spend supplemental and concentration funds on a certain program?” and “Why I am funding this program?” This kind of deep thinking is critical to improving outcomes for unduplicated students.

CCEE Zoom Webinar
January 24, 2019
1pm - 2:30pm

View Rethinking Increased/Improved Services & the LCAP Toolkit


CA School Dashboard 101

Learn about the most recent changes to the CA School Dashboard! This webinar walks through the redesign of the navigation and display features of the CA School Dashboard, provides an overview of the updates to the state and local indicators, and reviews select tools that will help communicate the changes to a broad audience of stakeholders including teachers, parents, school site administrators, board members and community advocates. All audiences are welcome to join this training which is designed to support Local Education Agency staff who use the CA School Dashboard to support local planning and the development of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

CCEE Zoom Webinar
January 29, 2019
10am - 11:30am
View CA School Dashboard 101 Toolkit

February 2019

Budget Transparency: LCFF Overview for Parents!

Explore the new requirements for county offices of education, school districts, and charter schools to develop a summary document that provides a transparent display and description of local budgets that will be developed in conjunction and attached to the LCAP. All audiences are welcome to join this training which is designed to support LEA staff who will develop the LCFF budget overview for parents.

CCEE Zoom Webinar
February 21, 2019
10:30am - 12:00pm
View Budget Transparency Toolkit

Data & Evaluation: Spotlight on Chronic Absenteeism

Learn about promising practices in data-informed decision making! This webinar will focus on the CA School Dashboard’s new chronic absenteeism indicator and shine a light on data inquiry and analytical strategies from LEAs who are deeply engaged in continuous improvement work focused on the all-important issue of attendance. The tools and strategies shared will combine statewide and local sources of data to help LEAs better understand the factors contributing to the high rates of chronic absence across the state, so they can make informed decisions that will begin to improve student outcomes. All audiences are welcome to join this training, but the content will be geared toward LEA staff who are focused on data and evaluation work in areas related to attendance.

CCEE Zoom Webinar
February 27, 2019
1:00pm - 3:00pm
View Chronic Absenteeism Toolkit

April 2019

Charters & Charter Authorizers

The charter/charter authorizers training module introduces a series of topics that will explore important accountability and continuous improvement topics that impact charter schools and charter authorizers. These sessions are pre-recorded and available for on-demand access. The content for these topics will be developed and presented with partners including the El Dorado Charter SELPA, the California Charter Schools Association, the Charter Schools Development Center, and the California Department of Education.

Beginning in 2018-19, charter schools that operate as “schools of the district or authorizer” for special education purposes will no longer be included in their authorizers’ review. Instead, each charter school will receive a special education Annual Performance Report (APR) to demonstrate the charter school’s performance on all applicable State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicators.

To support charter schools with these new special education reviews, the first in the series of topics for the CCEE Charter Training Module will feature the El Dorado Charter SELPA presentations on the Quality Assurance Process (QAP). The QAP includes review activities that consist of the Data Identified Non-Compliance (DINC), Disproportionality (DISPRO), and Performance Indicator Report (PIR). These presentations provide an overview on each of these review activities so that charter schools may collaborate with their Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) to respond to the California Department of Education (CDE) annual determination notifications.

View Charters & Charter Authorizers Toolkit

July 2019

Differentiated Assistance (DA)

Understand the differentiated levels of support that will be provided to LEAs and schools in order to improve student learning and outcomes.

View Differentiated Assistance Toolkit