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California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)

Special Circumstance: Wraparound Support (AB 1840)

Systemic Instructional Review (SIR)

The Systemic Instructional Reviewis a Pre-K to 12 instructional comprehensive assessment (academic and social emotional) of a Local Educational Agency’s (LEA’s) instructional systems, progress on state requirements, and implementation of teaching and learning practices. The review will identify the LEA’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to their instructional systems. In addition, the process and related document(s) such as a Systemic Instructional Review Report are individualized to the needs of the LEA.

CCEE Systemic Instructional Review Support Handout

As part of the SIR process, the instructional components below are reviewed:

Graphic showing the instructional components reviewed as part of the SIR process

During the SIR process, a variety of data gathering methods may be used including:

  • Empathy interviews
  • Focus group interviews of stakeholders
  • Instructional walks and crosswalks
  • Classroom observations
  • Data dialogues
  • Document review
  • Targeted school deeper divers, outliers
  • Community convenings
  • Further LCAP review
  • Stakeholder shadowing

A System Instructional Review Report may be requested as part of the process. In such cases, this comprehensive report typically provides the following:  

  • An Overview – purpose, protocol, previous work
  • Comprehensive analysis of Systemic Instructional Review components
  • Recommendations with immediate and long-term priorities

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