21st Century California School Leadership Academy


The 21st Century California School Leadership Academy (21CSLA) is on a mission to transform education in California through sustained professional learning and coaching programs for school leaders. The initiative is rooted deeply in understanding and attending to the needs of students and educators alike. It utilizes a cyclic approach involving theory, practice, and reflection to nurture more effective educational leaders.

Here’s what the academy aims to do:

  1. Offer Premium Learning Opportunities: School leaders across different regions will have access to high-quality learning experiences, aligning with the Statewide System of Support (SOS).
  2. Tailored Support for Teams: School leadership teams at various sites will receive ongoing, job-embedded training, complemented with on-site coaching and mentoring.
  3. Strengthening Existing Initiatives: The academy backs the existing educational efforts, including the Universal Design for Learning and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support.
  4. Comprehensive Learning Cycle: Leaders will undergo a structured learning process that covers everything from theory and demonstration to reflection and feedback, fostering a deep understanding and mastery of educational leadership.
  5. Developing Instructional Leaders: It empowers administrators to hone their leadership skills, encouraging asset-based pedagogies and fostering a culture of continuous growth and improvement in education settings.

Call to Action:

Are you a school leader eager to make a difference? Join the 21CSLA to upgrade your leadership skills through comprehensive professional learning and coaching programs. Let’s work together to foster educational environments where every student thrives. Learn more and get involved by reaching out to your regional educational body to inquire about the 21CSLA program. Let’s build a brighter future for our students, one skilled leader at a time!

To learn more about the 21CSLA Initiative in the Statewide System of Support, please click on the buttons below. If you have any questions, please contact Erik Swanson, Senior Advisor, Teaching Leading and Learning Center [email protected].