Statewide Evaluation

Enhancing Education Opportunities Through Statewide Evaluation

The Statewide System of Support, established through the 2018 Budget Act, is a comprehensive structure of defined roles and responsibilities designed to ensure that all schools in California receive universal support and have access to relevant expertise, regardless of their location. Coordinated by the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE), in collaboration with the California Department of Education (CDE), State Board of Education (SBE), and other partners, the system undergoes independent evaluations to assess its effectiveness and impact. In addition, new professional learning evaluations have been initiated to further enhance educational initiatives offered through the system.

To gain a deeper understanding of the progress, effectiveness, and impact of the programs within the Statewide System of Support, click on the provided links for each program. Reviewing the extensive details and independent evaluation reports will help partners stay informed and actively engage in the improvement of TK-12 education in California. By utilizing the valuable insights from these reports, partners can contribute to shaping policies, programs, and practices that support the ongoing enhancement of educational opportunities for all students across the state.

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ProgramsIndependent Evaluation Reports
Statewide System of SupportSystem of Support Evaluation Plan
Theory of Action
Final Report (2022-2023)
Geographic LeadsYear 1 Findings-Geographic Leads (2019-2020)
Year 2 Findings-Geographic Leads (2020-2021)
Year 3 Findings-Geographic Leads (2021-2022)
Year 4 Findings- Geographic Leads (2022-203)
SELPA LeadsSELPA LEAD Theory of Action
Year 1 Findings-SELPA Leads  (2019-2020)
Year 2 Findings-SELPA Leads (2020-2023)
Year 3 Findings-SELPA Leads (2021-2022)
Final Evaluation-Findings SELPA LEADs(2022-2023)
Special Education Resource LeadsBeginning July 1, 2023
Community Engagement Initiative 1.0Year 1 Findings-CEI 1.0 (2019-2020)
Year 1 Findings-CEI 1.0 Spanish (2019-2020)
Year 2 Findings-CEI 1.0 (2020-2021)
Year 2 Findings-CEI 1.0 Spanish (2020-2021)
Year 3 Findings-CEI 1.0 (2021-2022)
Year 3 Findings-CEI 1.0 Spanish (2021-2022)
21st Century California School Leadership Academy InitiativeYear 1 Findings-21CSLA(2020-2021)
Year 1 & 2 Findings-21CSLA(2022)
Final Cohort I Findings-21CSLA(2023)
Year 2 Findings-21CSLA(2021-2022)
Evaluation of Differentiated Assistance2022-2023 Report
High-Quality Online Instructional Materials InitiativeYear 1 Findings-HQOIM (2022-2023)
Reading Instruction and Intervention GrantComing 2024-25
Learning Acceleration System GrantExecutive Summary of Year 2 Memo (2022-2023)
Executive Summary of Year 3 Memo (2023-2024)
Community Engagement Initiative 2.0Year 1 Summary available in 2024
IEP Template Expert PanelIEP Report June 30, 2024
Program and Policy Updates
Convening of Statewide Evaluation Website
Coherence and CommunicationYear One Report (2022-2023)
Convening Presentation