Statewide Evaluation Convening

Program and Policy Updates

Statewide Collaboration for Effective Evaluations: The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence, in partnership with the California Department of Education and State Board of Education, is leading efforts to bring together evaluation teams. These teams are working collectively to establish a shared approach to data collection, analysis, and reporting processes for assessing the impact of state-funded professional learning programs.

Convenings Promoting Collaboration: Bi-annual evaluation convenings provide a platform for program evaluation teams to share findings, insights, and challenges. These sessions encourage cross-team collaboration, enhancing coherence and alignment across evaluations. Attendees gain the opportunity to discuss interim evaluation results, data collection methods, and implications for program development.

Common Language and Metrics for Success: The initiative aims to define common features of professional learning programs, align them with research, and determine impact metrics. By fostering a shared research base and coherent messaging, evaluation teams will measure participant improvements and organizational impacts, ensuring that the evaluations yield meaningful insights for educational partners.

Call to Action:

Educational leaders are encouraged to actively participate in and support the statewide evaluation collaboration. Engage in the evaluation convenings, contribute insights, and promote a common understanding of professional learning impact. By working together, we can enhance the quality of evaluations, leverage shared knowledge, and drive positive changes in California’s educational landscape. For more details on the evaluation convenings, please visit the Statewide Program Evaluation website.