Theory of Action

The CCEE is designed to be adaptive and responsive to the most pressing needs of local educators to help deliver on California’s promise of a quality and equitable education for every student. CCEE’s theory of action focuses on collaborating with System of Support partners (e.g., county offices of education, statewide associations, and stakeholder groups) to support high-need LEAs in building capacity. With an equity-oriented perspective and a focus on continuous improvement, it is through this capacity building that drives sustained improvements in student outcomes.

CCEE uses this framework to inform the direct technical assistance provided to districts with significant academic and fiscal challenges, and to guide some of the larger statewide initiatives like the Pilot Partnerships and the Professional Learning Networks (PLNs).

CCEE Theory of Action as Strategic Frame

In response to COVID-19, CCEE continues to use its theory of action as a framework to design, develop, and evaluate initiatives. However, the emphasis on capacity building has expanded to support LEAs by leveraging the vast resources in California’s educational community and translate nuanced  individual plans into an action-oriented preparedness plan for the delivery of services to support the continuity of learning  for all students during these unprecedented times and extraordinary circumstances. CCEE continues to prioritize support to districts that have struggled to make academic progress and/or may struggle if resources to effectively deliver distance learning to all students are not readily available.