Initiative Reporting 23-24


As leaders in California’s educational landscape, your partnership and collaboration are paramount. Join us as we reflect on the progress, shifts, and aspirations of the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) in fostering TK-12 educational excellence.


2016-2023: Building the Foundations

  • Launched a total of 58 initiatives to date.
  • Committed to enhancing educational excellence.
  • Strengthened a vibrant learning community in California.
  • For more information on CCEE, please visit CCEE Initiatives and Impact Site

2021-2023: Building the Foundations

  • Streamlined focus with 43 active initiatives.
  • Balanced distribution with 22 legislative (51%) and 21 statutory initiatives (49%).
  • Emphasis on accessibility: Open invitations for all LEAs in three universal statutory programs – District Spotlights, Leadership Institute, and Open Door and four legislatively required programs -21CSLA, Learning Acceleration System Grant (CoP), research-practice partnerships, and fee for service.
  • Free resources galore: 2022-2023 yielded 10/21 statutory and 11/22 legislative initiative resources.


  • Past Framework (2021-2023): Direct Impact (e.g., personalized professional learning) and Indirect Impact (e.g., online resources access).
  • Current Framework (2023-2024): Aligns with the Statewide System of Support mapping of resources and defines impact derived from the A Pragmatic Playbook for Impact by Cortez and Wade of Bellwether Education Partners. Categories include:
    • Direct, widespread, and systemic impact.
    • Universal, targeted, and intensive support.


  • Stability and Depth: Limited addition of new projects, ensuring steady engagement and collaboration.
  • A Shift in Focus: Prioritizing relationship-building and dissemination pathways. Fewer but more impactful resources like the Universal Design for Learning Journey Guide.
  • Anticipated Engagement: Consolidation over expansion, aiming for quality interactions and deeper partnerships.


For a comprehensive understanding of CCEE’s ever-evolving landscape, collaborations, and statewide impact, review the content below:

Explore partnerships, success stories, and the shared journey towards furthering educational excellence in California.

Together, we write an exciting new chapter for TK-12 education in California. Here’s to a year of sustained growth and deepened connections!

With gratitude,

The CCEE Team

Definition of Impact Strategies

Definition of Resources, Engagement, and Partnerships

Quarter 2 (Oct, Nov, Dec) Report

Second quarter LEA support report will be posted at the end of the second quarter.

Quarter 3 (Jan, Feb, March) Report

Third quarter LEA support report will be posted at the end of the third quarter.

Quarter 4 (Apr, May, June) Report

Fourth quarter LEA support report will be posted at the end of the fourth quarter.