Innovation, Instruction, & Impact

Our Objectives

Objective #1
Design and implement strategy and initiatives to share lessons learned from our work and emerging/best practices from the field to support sustained improvement for students
Objective #2
Collect and analyze internal program and statewide data to measure student outcomes and impact of instructional supports
Objective #3
Develop structures for identifying & developing professional learning resources that emphasize high priority topics throughout the school year to build COE/LEA capacity to implement Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP) goals to improve outcomes for students historically underserved

Areas of  


Professional Learning Resources

We develop, curate, and deliver synchronous and asynchronous digital professional learning opportunities (e.g., learning paths, webinars, Friday 5, white papers, etc.) to support educators with authentic problems of practice.

Research-Practice Partnerships

We partner with local educational agencies (LEAs) to facilitate research and evaluation to support locally defined short-cycle projects aimed at supporting student outcomes. Through our partnership with the California African-American Association of Superintendents and Administrators (CAAASA), we are working with five LEAs to continue their work to support Black student achievement through their LEA-specific problem of practice, and focusing on progress monitoring activities to support the measurement of student outcomes in the coming year.

Data Research Learning Network

The Data Research Learning Network (DRLN) brings together select districts and counties from across the state of California to innovate their data systems for accelerated student learning. Through a three-pronged approach, districts and counties transform their data program and practices by conducting a Data Equity Review, promoting Deeper Learning through formative assessment practices, and communicating success with Data Dashboards.

LEA Spotlights

We identify and share emerging best practices, strategies, and instructional models from local educational agencies (LEAs) across the state. While these practices may not yet have resulted in long-term student outcomes, they offer opportunities to showcase systemic practices and decision-making that can be shared.

Microlearning Modules

We partner with instructional leaders across the state to create accessible learning resources focused on immediately usable classroom strategies for substitute teachers, paraeducators, and non-traditional instructional staff.

Support for Implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

We improve access and coherence of supports for schools and districts to implement Universal Design for Learning (UDL). In partnership with the California UDL Coalition and others, CCEE is developing a digital tool to support district administrators/teams in the implementation of UDL by providing a basic work plan paired with California organizations and resources that can support that work.

Playbook for Accelerating Learning

We support instructional teams plan for, implement, and refine their strategies to ensure student success in schools. By making resources available in a concise and actionable format, CCEE hopes to help instructional leaders in California shorten the time it takes to create effective accelerated learning systems and help all students, including our English learners, students with disabilities, and other historically marginalized students, reach the outcomes they deserve.

Program and Policy Updates and Evaluations

We convene statewide evaluators to present interim program data collection and analyses, as well as final reporting requirements that will inform policy changes, capacity building, and engagement networks that impact the statewide infrastructure for professional learning.


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Sujie Shin
Deputy Executive Director
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Michelle Magyar, Ph.D.
Executive Advisor
Ingrid Roberson, Ed.D.
Senior Advisor, Research Learning
James McKenna, Ed.D.
Assistant Director, Professional Learning & Leadership Development
Allan Taing, Ph.D.
Senior Manager, Research & Impact Analysis
Dorcas Kong
Senior Specialist, Executive Projects
Sehrish Anjum
Program Specialist, Professional Learning
Italo Ciccarelli
Program Specialist, Data & Impact
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Nhi Hang, Ed.D.
Program Specialist
Nicole Hanlon
Administrative Assistant II