Advisory Council Members

The Advisory Council provides advice on issues brought to the council by the CCEE Executive Director and/or council members. Issues for council advice relate to the purposes for which the CCEE was established and meet the following criteria: 1) the issue is of significant importance to the CCEE 2) the issue is consistent with the purpose of the organization 3) the issue is of significant importance to the field.

County Superintendents

Ted Alejandre
San Bernardino County Office of Education

Dr. Debra Duardo
Los Angeles County Office of Education

Lisette Estrella-Henderson
Solano County Office of Education

Todd Finnell
Imperial County Superintendent of Schools

Dave Gordon
Sacramento County Office of Education

Jeff Harris
Del Norte County Office of Education

Scott Kuykendall
Stanislaus County Office of Education

Patty Gunderson
Lassen County Office of Education

Dr. Susan Salcido
Santa Barbara County Office of Education

Jim Yovino
Fresno County Office of Education

District Superintendents

Heather Armelino
Enterprise Elementary School District

Dr. Christi Barrett
Hemet Unified School District

Dr. Todd Cutler
Lake Tahoe Unified School District

Dana Eaton
Brentwood Union School District

Jose Gonzalez
Planada Elementary School District

Sara Noguchi
Modesto City Schools

Matt Hill
Burbank Unified School District

Yvette Irving
Gonzales Unified School District

Matthew Harris
Petaluma City Schools

Dr. Gina Potter
San Ysidro School District

Dr. Christine Walker
Hueneme Elementary School District

Ex Officio Members

Mary Jane Burke
Marin County Office of Education
Ex-Officio Member

Christine Frazier
Kern County Superintendent of Schools
Member Emeritus