Special Education Resource Leads


In partnership with the California Department of Education (CDE), the CCEE facilitates the work of the Special Education Resource Leads which work collaboratively within the System of Support to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

The Special Education Resource Leads work as capacity builders, connectors and facilitators to ensure an integrated educational system in California meets the needs of all learners, including students with disabilities.

The statewide system of support (SSOS) is comprised of state funded initiatives to provide coordinated, needs-based and differentiated resources and support to LEAs. It is critical for these initiatives to work collaboratively together to ensure LEAs receive the resources and support they need throughout the state.

The legislative charge, Ed Code Section 52073 is to select no more than 10 special education resource leads. Outlined in statue was the requirement for the following selections:

  • At least 3 leads must provide support to COEs and LEAs in building capacity to increase student achievement
  • One lead must be selected to support the implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • One  lead must be selected, in partnership with a family support organization, to provide support to students and families in alternative dispute resolution (ADR).   

The other resource leads were selected as a result of a statewide needs assessment. 

  • One Universal Design for Learning (UDL)  lead was selected to support LEA teams to implement, support and develop evidence based practices to increase outcomes for students with disabilities.  
  • One English Learner (EL) lead was selected  to provide evidence-based best practices, resources and training to LEAs for students with disabilities who are also English Learners.

Selected Special Education Resource Leads (2023-2028):

Building Capacity Resource Leads

  • El Dorado County Office of Education, El Dorado County SELPA, Riverside SELPA (SIL)
  • Los Angeles County Office of Education in partnership with Head Start and Early Learning Division
  • Santa Clara County Office of Education

High-Quality IEP Lead

  • San Diego County Office of Education, in partnership with East County SELPA and Santa Clara SELPA

Alternative Dispute Resolution Resource Lead

  • Ventura County Office of Education, Tehama County Schools in partnership with Rainbow Connection Family Empowerment Center, Tehama County SELPA and, Ventura County SELPA

Open Access: Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Resource Lead

  • Placer County Office of Education, in partnership with Antelope Valley SELPA, Humboldt County Office of Education, and North Inland SELPA

English Learner Resource Lead

  • Imperial County Office of Education, Imperial County SELPA

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