This council shall be known as the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) Advisory Council.


Role and Functions of the Advisory Council

Section 1: Advisory Function

The Advisory Council provides advice on issues brought to the council by the Executive Director and/or council members. Issues for council advice should relate to the purposes for which the CCEE was established and should generally meet the following criteria:

  • A. The issue is of significant importance to the CCEE
  • B. The issue is consistent with the purpose of the organization
  • C. The issue is of significant importance to the field

Section 2: Informational Function

The council functions as an avenue of communication and information among school districts, county offices of education, the CCEE Executive Director and the Governing Board. This function can be accomplished by written/electronic means, as well as during scheduled meetings. The purpose of this function is to ensure the relevance and accuracy of information with which the CCEE is working, and to enhance the collaborative efforts of the CCEE.


Composition of the Council

Section 1: Composition

The Advisory Council shall consist of 11 county office superintendents and 11 school district superintendents; one charter school representative may be added at a later date. Ex-Official members include the Fiscal/Administrative Agent and the CCEE Board member designee.

Section 2: Terms
Superintendents shall serve two year terms. Members may serve an unlimited number of terms.

Section 3: Council member selection
The selection process of council members will be at the discretion of the Executive Director in consultation with county superintendent regions and local school districts.

Section 4: Alternates
Each council member shall designate an alternate to represent them should they be unable to participate. Alternates should be selected from within the same region and/or county and hold the title of superintendent for the organization. The one exception is for the alternate to the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Education (LACOE) as this is a single county region and therefore the Superintendent may select an alternate that serves in the superintendency for LACOE.

Section 5: Vacancies shall follow procedures determined by the Executive Director.

Section 6: Chairperson
The chairperson shall be appointed by the Executive Director. The chairperson shall possess district and county office experience when possible. The chairperson shall preside over Advisory Council meetings.

Section 7: Conflict of Interest
Members of the Governing Board shall not be required to file statements of economic interest as required by the Fair Political Practices Commission (“FPPC”) as the council members serve only in an advisory capacity.



Section 1: Regular meetings shall be held four times a year.

Section2: Special meetings may be called when deemed necessary by the CCEE Executive Director.

Section3: A quorum shall consist of a majority of council members present.

Section 4: The Executive Director may request that CCEE staff attend meetings of the advisory council when appropriate.

Section 5: Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the Bagley-Keene Act relating to open meetings.



Section 1: Fiscal control shall be in accordance with the Fiscal/Administrative Agent and CCEE rules and guidelines.

Section 2: Allowable expenditures are the actual and necessary costs of travel, lodging and meals of council members in accordance with CCEE guidelines.

Expense claims and receipts shall be submitted to the CCEE secretary for processing.



The Advisory Council shall continue in existence until it is dissolved by the CCEE Executive Director.


Rules of Order

Should the Advisory Council ever choose to move a proposal forward to the CCEE Governing Board it shall act upon majority vote of the quorum and approval of the Executive Director.



Any amendments to these bylaws shall be first approved by the Executive Director then approved by the advisory council at a regularly scheduled meeting by a quorum of the council.

Approved on October 3, 2018 by the CCEE Advisory Council and Executive Director Tom Armelino