Empowering Universal Design for Learning in California


The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence is dedicated to advancing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) within the Statewide System of Support.

In collaboration with various partners, including state grant organizations, county offices, non-profits, and education professionals, we work to strengthen the UDL implementation by enhancing knowledge, connections, mindsets, and confidence across the education system.

Our UDL Advisory Group, composed of both internal and external partners, has assessed the current state-funded UDL support infrastructure, identifying strengths, gaps, and opportunities.

Explore our overview, a result of collaboration with key organizations like the California Coalition for Inclusive Learning (CCIL), Open Access, and Supporting Inclusive Practices (SIP), enriched by insights from field practitioners, to discover California’s UDL landscape.

UDL Advisory Group Members

James McKenna Assistant Director, Professional Learning & Leadership Development, CCEE
Shamryn CoyleDirector, CCIL Project, Placer County Office of Education
Kristin BrooksExecutive Director, Supporting Inclusive Practices
Jennifer BoettgerRegional Implementation Specialist, Open Access
Mindy FattigSenior Advisor, System of Support, CCEE
Erik SwansonSenior Advisor, Direct Technical Assistance, CCEE

If you have any questions, please contact James McKenna, Assistant Director, Professional Learning & Leadership Development at [email protected].