Fresno Unified Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant

Superintendent, Bob Nelson, describes how FUSD is addressing student well-being needs through the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program, led by Michael Funk from the California Department of Education.

Dive deeper: Please find attached two slide decks about California’s Expanded Learning Opportunities Program. There is a slide deck that provides background information should you want additional information and specifics about the program.

Slide Deck ELOP and FUSD

Background Information (ELOP)

Statewide Context: Bob Nelson, Superintendent of Fresno Unified, and Michael Funk, Director of CDE ELOP Division,  provide insights into how FUSD is using ELOP to address post-pandemic learning needs, chronic absenteeism, community and Students with Disabilities needs. 

Call to Action: If you need innovative thinking related to how to use ELOP funding the above slides are incredibly helpful at helping share some ideas!
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