The educational landscape is evolving, and at the heart of this transformation is the power of community engagement. Recognizing its importance, the Community Engagement Initiative has announced an in-depth training series aimed at deepening pupil, family, and community involvement in schools. These comprehensive resources and modules are designed to foster effective engagement strategies.

Purpose and Objectives: The training series, set to launch on December 1, 2023, was developed in collaboration with esteemed partners, including the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence, San Diego County Office of Education, Eskolta, University of San Diego, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, Families In Schools, California Association for Bilingual Educators, WestEd, Dr. Jennifer Edic-Bryant, Inform2Inspire, and the California Community Schools Partnership Program. The goal is to equip key school staff with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to enhance their community and family engagement strategies, per the mandate in Education Code Section 52073.3. By participating in these trainings, local school agencies and staff will gain best practice insights into effectively engaging with students, families, communities, and school staff to strengthen the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) process.

Training Modules Overview:

Impact and Implications:

This training series is a monumental step towards redefining the role of community in education. By equipping stakeholders with the necessary tools and knowledge, it aims to create a more collaborative, inclusive, and effective learning environment. The series not only addresses current educational challenges but also paves the way for future innovations in community engagement.

Call to Action:

I encourage educators, administrators, and community members to participate in the training series. It emphasizes the importance of their feedback and active involvement in shaping an educational system that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of the community it serves. The new training series is more than just a set of modules; it’s a movement towards a more engaged, inclusive, and effective educational system. It’s an invitation to all stakeholders to come together, learn, and contribute to the betterment of education through active community engagement.

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