Steven Sterling Mitchell

Assistant Director, Community Engagement & System of Support
Areas of Focus:
Community Engagement Initiative (CEI)
Steven Sterling Mitchell is the Assistant Director of Community Engagement and System of Support for the CCEE. In this role, he co-leads the Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) within the CA System of Support. The CEI is focused on building the capacity of communities, school districts, and county offices of education (COEs) statewide to engage each other more meaningfully in the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) development process.

With over 20 years serving in various roles in public education settings in the United States and abroad, he is dedicated to continuing the work across various educational organizations both locally and in a global context to foster equity and access for all.

A native of Oakland, California, and a multilingual world traveler, Steven has had the opportunity to present at various conferences around the globe related to community engagement, community psychology and school improvement.

Steven completed his Bachelor of Arts in World Language and Culture at California State University, Monterey Bay and a Master of Education in Educational Administration at University of Massachusetts, Boston.