On October 5, 2020, the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (“CCEE”) and its Administrative Agent, the Marin County Office of Education (“MCOE”), issued a Request for Proposals for the Development & Delivery of Resources and Services to Support Professional Learning for Local Educational Agencies (“LEAs”) (the “Professional Learning RFP”).  The CCEE began reviewing Proposals submitted in response to the Professional Learning RFP on October 26, 2020, with a final submission deadline set for February 26, 2021.

On January 25, 2021, the CCEE will launch the Leading Forward on-demand conference series, featuring keynote speakers, courses, and tools for educators, leaders, and community stakeholders to address learning loss mitigation and rebuilding stronger school communities in California.  The CCEE thereafter will update the Professional Learning RFP to seek submissions for the development and delivery of resources and services to support professional learning within the context of the Leading Forward conference series, in addition to other topics as specified in the RFP.

The Professional Learning RFP timeline will be temporarily suspended and an updated RFP will be posted and distributed with a new submission timeline.  Additionally, Respondents who have already submitted a Proposal for the Professional Learning RFP will be afforded the opportunity to supplement or substitute their previous Proposal in accordance with the updated RFP.  The CCEE anticipates issuing the updated Professional Learning RFP by February 19, 2021.