Statewide System of Support Resource Hub

🌐 Announcement: CCEE launches the Statewide System of Support Resource Hub! 📚
Discover a wealth of universal resources aimed at enhancing student outcomes and supporting educators! With over 30 statewide projects, grants, and initiatives, there is a new one-stop website designed to provide equity in access to valuable tools for educators.
🔗 Visit the CCEE SOS Resource Hub:
There are 130+ universal resources catered to benefit your district, county office, or charter school, and this number will continue to grow! From webinars, to toolkits, to self-assessment frameworks, find what you need to improve outcomes for your students. We encourage you to share the link to the resource hub with all of your educational partners and to include it on your organization’s website.
Special thanks to the members of the CCEE One System Collective and the educators who contributed submissions to the Resource Hub for making this a reality!
Let’s collaborate to empower educators and enhance student success! 🎓💡

If you have information about a statewide initiative or resource that you would like to add to the Resource Hub, please contact Jasmine Hennessy at [email protected]