In 2020, the Sacramento County Office of Education became the spearhead for the California Dyslexia Initiative, driving collaboration, streamlining communication, recording vital outcomes, and guiding leadership in harmony with overarching statewide strategies.

Key Highlights:

Designation: Sacramento County Office of Education was chosen as the vanguard for the California Dyslexia Initiative in 2020.
Collaboration: The initiative promotes a unified approach to addressing dyslexia challenges.
Communication: Regular and effective channels of communication are a priority.
Outcome Documentation: A robust mechanism for capturing and reporting results is in place.
Statewide Alignment: Leadership and strategies are in sync with broader California educational goals.

Call to Action:

“Stay informed and contribute to the journey! Join the California Dyslexia Initiative led by the Sacramento County Office of Education. Together, we can shape a brighter future for all our learners. Learn more and get involved today.”

For more information, please contact Matt Roberts, Senior Advisor at [email protected]