This three-part series outlines how educational leaders can empower students, teachers, and administrators to make dramatic improvements in student learning, behavior, and attendance. In these sessions, participants will learn about the core competencies of "Equity and Excellence Schools" and will explore equitable teaching practices to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Dr. Douglas Reeves, Founder, Creative Leadership Solutions

What Educators and School Leaders Can Do NOW to Accelerate Learning

Many schools are making decisive actions to accelerate learning, improve assessments, increase attendance, and better engage students. This session will examine effective teacher and leadership actions that have the greatest impact on student achievement. 

The New Model of Change Leadership

The global pandemic will continue to affect schools long after schools re-open. Changes will be required in schedules, student support, faculty support, state standards, and assessments – and all of these changes will be taking place at a time when educators and school leaders are desperately seeking a return to normal. This session will introduce the new model of change leadership, which requires leaders to try, test, and improve new strategies within very short periods of time. 

Fearless Schools

The global pandemic has left in its wake traumatized students, families, and educators, and fear has been the dominant emotion. The essence of fearless schools is the building of psychologically safe environments where students and educators can learn together, make mistakes with transparency, learn from those mistakes, and engage in consistent innovation, experimentation, and learning. This session will explore how fearless schools can meet these psychological needs and serve as the foundation for resilience for the students and communities they serve.

Resource Type

Professional Learning

Type of Audience

LEA Leadership, Site Administrator / Instructional Coach, Teacher

Topic Area

Continuous Improvement, Equity, Governance