This summer is more important than ever to help students begin to recover from the learning loss, isolation, and trauma of the past year. Designed for K-12 administrators, educators, and community partners, the Summer Game Plan series provides strategies to navigate challenges in planning summer learning programs, resources to aid your planning, and the latest research and guidance from nationally recognized experts.

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Summer Research, Practice, & Funding: Foundations for Summer Planning

This webinar covers the latest national research on strategies and practices that contribute to impactful summer programs, and updates on state and federal funding to help inform local planning.

Creative Solutions for Summer Staffing

This webinar explores a range of creative staffing models that ensure high-quality staffing while meeting other goals, such as developing future school leaders, providing more planning and collaboration time, and expanding experience operating blended staffing models.

Creating Engaging Summer Learning Opportunities for High-School Youth

This webinar provides examples of enrichment programs that provide opportunities for high school youth to engage in real-world experiences, connect with mentors, earn income and/or school credit, and build leadership and collaboration skills.

Partnering with Higher Education and Pre-Service Teachers

Summer learning provides a unique training ground and flexible learning space for teacher preparation and pre-service teachers. This webinar provides examples of how school districts can leverage higher education partners to recruit new teachers and teachers candidates from existing teacher pipeline programs.

Meeting the Needs of Early Learners This Summer

Many families chose not to enroll their children in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten in the 2020-21 school year for a variety of reasons, including concerns that distance learning is not well-suited for younger students. This webinar explores how summer programs can meet the needs of younger learners and their families, especially those minimally engaged in school this past year.

Summer Program Marketing, Enrollment, and Engagement

Summer attendance and outreach is always difficult, especially among underserved students, and is likely to be even more challenging after a year of distance learning. This webinar explores best practices for creatively and strategically coordinating outreach to families and students about the benefits and opportunities of participation in summer learning programs.

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