Join us for an enlightening panel discussion with leading expert practitioners from across California as we delve into the transformative world of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). This event is designed to explore big ideas, share groundbreaking work, and discuss potential next steps to foster the implementation of UDL within the Golden State’s educational framework.

What to Expect
The session kicks off with a comprehensive 40-45 minute panel discussion featuring esteemed experts who are at the forefront of UDL implementation across California. These practitioners will share insights into the exciting developments and initiatives currently underway to support UDL in various educational settings.

Discussion Points
Innovative Initiatives: Discover the groundbreaking work being undertaken across the state to champion UDL principles and practices. Learn about successful case studies and models that are making a significant impact in enhancing learning for all students.
Implementation Challenges: Understand the common obstacles faced by educators at the classroom, school, and district levels in integrating UDL into their curricula. Our experts will shed light on these challenges and share their experiences in navigating these barriers.
Strategic Recommendations: Engage with our panel as they offer expert recommendations aimed at improving coherence and building capacity within California’s Statewide System of Support for UDL. These insights will focus on practical steps and strategies that can be adopted to advance UDL implementation effectively.


Jennifer Boettger – Program Specialist, Placer County Office of Education

Karen Taylor – Staff Consultant, California Teacher Association
Sung Park – Coordinator, Santa Clara County Office of Education

Andrea Marks – Director, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools

Session Slides