On August 31, 2023 the CCEE presented the year one overview of the Intensive Assistance Model (IAM) work with cohort I schools.  The IAM is one of the most intensive coaching models in the country with over 150 days of on-site coaching in schools for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Assessment, Leadership and Professional Learning Communities.  There are currently five school districts and eight schools involved in the model for cohort 1 (please click here to see list of LEA participants and CCEE’s role in Technical Assistance).

The CCEE governing board listened to the presentation by the CCEE and PACE (Public Analysis for California Education) regarding the progress of the schools in this model.

Slide 8 includes a video of Nishimoto Elementary in Madera Unified School District describing the work in year one. 

The learnings from this model, even in just one year, are invaluable. They shed light on the exact nature and type of support educators require to refine their teaching methodologies and elevate student learning experiences.

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🔗 Key Resources:

  1. Explore the entire presentation from CCEE and PACE 
  2. Engage with the heartfelt video testimonial on slide 8 of the presentation, showcasing the bright and promising transformation taking place at Nishimoto Elementary.
  3. Watch the entire CCEE board meeting on August 31, 2023
  4. Stay Tuned for the comprehensive PACE Year I report unveiling soon, providing a detailed overview of the journey thus far. 

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