Charter Direct Technical Assistance

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The CCEE advises and assists county offices of education (COEs), local educational agencies (LEAs), and Charter Schools in need of targeted assistance in achieving their Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) goals by effectively meeting the needs of disadvantaged youth. An important part of our work is teaming with COEs and other expert resources to build the capacity of individual LEAs through Direct Technical Assistance (DTA).

Direct Technical Assistance is a level 2 targeted support. The CCEE may partner with charter schools to Direct Technical Assistance through the pathways outlined as outlined below and in the California Educational Code.

Charter Direct Technical Assistance Pathways

* Charter must have 1 or more student groups not meeting two local or state priorities in 2 or more years as identified on the CA Dashboard.

** Charter must have 3 or more students groups not meeting two or more LCFF Priorities for 3 out of 4 consecutive years as identified on the CA Dashboard.

Download the Charter DTA handout here.

CCEE Charter Direct Technical Assistance FAQ

After a charter has received Technical Assistance/Differentiated Assistance from their COE they may be eligible for DTA. A charter’s first step is connecting with its County Office of Education or Geographic Lead if the COE is the authorizer. The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are intended to help build an understanding of CCEE’s role as part of the CDE’s System of Support in supporting charter schools that may be eligible for CCEE support.

The System of Support is based on a tiered framework based on three levels. The first level is general assistance, which provides resources and assistance that is made available to all local educational agencies through the statewide system of support. Differentiated Assistance (DA) is the second level in which one or more agencies are required by statute to provide to LEAs that meet certain eligibility criteria. More information on Differentiated Assistance and the most updated information from the California Department of Education can be found on this website:

What is CCEE’s role in supporting charter schools as part of the CA System of Support?

When LEAs are transitioning from general assistance to a more individualized approach within Differentiated Assistance, Charter and assistance providers may utilize other improvement strategies with the system of support. For example, a Charter receiving Differentiated Assistance may, in some cases, be referred by the assistance provider to CCEE for additional, ongoing support that is individually designed to address the Charter performance issues (ed. code 52074(g)(1).  CCEE refers to this support as Direct Technical Assistance.

What are the different pathways for charter schools to access CCEE Direct Technical Assistance?

There are four pathways that may provide access to CCEE DTA, each attributed to Education codes. In all pathways, CCEE has the discretion to accept or deny the referral request.

  • Pathway 1: A County Superintendent, following the provision of Technical Assistance to a charter and with approval of their Geographic Lead Agency, may request support from CCEE Education code 52074(g)(1)(A).
  • Pathway 2: County Superintendent Requests Assistance, the State Superintendent is Consulted and State Board Approves 47607.3(c)
  • Pathway 3: State Superintendent Referral 52074(g)(1)(B)
  • Pathway 4: Consultation By County Superintendent of Schools 47607.3(a)

Who is responsible for providing a charter with Differentiated Assistance /Technical Assistance?

View the CDE’s System of Support

Under 47607.3 The county superintendent of schools in which the charter school is located, in consultation with the charter school, may solicit another service provider, which may include but is not limited to, a school district, county office of education, or charter school, to act as a partner to the charter school in need of technical assistance.

What is the difference between DA/TA and Direct Technical Assistance (DTA)?

Differentiated Assistance, sometimes referred to as Technical Assistance, is assistance provided under the public school accountability system as part of the LCFF legislation. This support is provided by the County Office of Education (COE) or Geographic Lead Agency (GEO)

Direct Technical Assistance is a level 2 targeted support that is provided in partnership with CCEE. During this time, the COE continues to provide support in the form of time and resources associated with Differentiated Assistance (DA).

When and how would a COE or GEO transition a charter school from DA to DTA?

After the Charter has been identified for DA support the COE or GEO is to be responsible for providing DA support to the charter based on the identification. If the charter declines in performance while engaging in DA and meets the criteria in Education Code Section 47607.3 (c) three or more student groups not meeting three or more LCFF Priorities for 3 of 4 consecutive years, the COE may request CCEE assistance. CCEE may, after consulting with the Superintendent and with the approval of the state board, provide advice and assistance to the charter school pursuant to Education Code section 52074.

Will a Charter receive extra funding under DTA?

No additional state funding is provided to district LEAs or charter schools that are referred to CCEE for support. This collaborative support process is currently funded through existing funding streams. The county office of education will continue to provide support in the form of time and resources associated with Differentiated Assistance (DA).

Pathways to Assistance for Charter Schools Eligibility Tool

Utilize the tool to assist you in determining if your charter school may be eligible for CCEE Direct Technical Assistance”