Early and Expanded Learning


The CDE, CCEE, and county education offices are teaming up to equip Local Education Agencies (LEAs) with the resources they need to embrace the major shifts happening in California’s TK-12 education sphere, thanks to the Universal PK and Expanded Learning Initiatives. This collaborative endeavor focuses on:

  1. Demystifying Education Code: Offering precise guidance on understanding and implementing the updated education code, concerning health, safety, and licensing requisites.

  2. Developing Early Learning Spaces: Helping identify resources to craft early learning spaces apt for young learners in the expanded programs.

  3. Enhancing Staff Capacity: Curating a range of training materials and opportunities for the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P) staff to better support TK-K students and their families.

Tools and materials, like a slide deck for environment checklists, video tutorials on creating developmentally appropriate spaces, and infographics to emphasize the role of play in learning, will be made available to support these objectives.

Call to Action:

Are you involved in California’s TK-12 education? Now is the time to engage with the transformative resources made available through the collaborative efforts of CDE, CCEE, and county education offices!

  • Stay Informed: Tune into a Fireside Chat to understand the critical Ed Code alterations and their ramifications on ELO-P and licensing requirements.

  • Optimize Learning Spaces: Leverage the guidance provided to craft nurturing and developmentally apt learning environments for your young learners.

  • Upgrade Your Skills: Make the most of the curated training opportunities and resources, including a rich slide deck and instructive infographics, to enhance your understanding and application of play-based learning strategies.

Take a step to be at the forefront of this educational shift — access these resources and empower yourself to foster a nurturing, play-centric learning space for the future leaders!

To learn more about the Early and Expanded Learning in the Statewide System of Support, please contact Dr. Chris Hartley, Deputy Executive Director at [email protected].