Leading Equity-Centered Continuous Improvement through P-3 Assessments: Module 4

GUIDING QUESTION: How can assessments be used to support equitable, high quality UTK and P-3 programs? LEARNING OUTCOME:Leaders can make specific connections between existing assessments and how they can inform equity-centered continuous improvement for systemically marginalized and historically underserved students.

SEL and Academic Integration Summer Workshops

This workshop is intended for any PK-12th grade teacher in Sacramento County. Content will be differentiated by grade level and content area as appropriate. School leaders, instructional coaches, counselors, and social workers may attend if space is available, as this workshop is geared towards classroom teachers.

New Assessment Coordinator Check-ins (Virtual) 2023-24

The New Assessment Coordinator Check-ins are offered for LEA CAASPP Coordinators and LEA ELPAC Coordinators who are new to their role. The meetings focus on monthly activities that need to be completed and information about upcoming training opportunities. The meetings provide participants a venue to ask questions and get answers about CAASPP, ELPAC, and other assessment-related topics.