California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) Priorities for 2024-2025

As the Executive Director of the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE), I am excited to share our strategic priorities for the 2024-2025 school year. Our focus will be on four critical areas: A focus on data for statewide and student impact, Special Education targeted and intensive support development, coordination, collaboration, and integration of statewide Mathematics Leads, and Collaboration of statewide literacy leads. These areas are essential to enhancing educational outcomes and ensuring that the Statewide System of Support (SSOS) can meet the mission of California by providing a quality equitable education for every student.

1. Focus on Data

Objective: Build impact through an internal and external system focus.

  • Internal System Focus: We will enhance our internal data systems to improve decision-making processes and measure our impact more effectively. This includes refining our data collection methods and leveraging advanced analytics to identify trends and areas for improvement.
  • External System Focus: Collaborating with local educational agencies (LEAs), we will provide data-driven insights to support their efforts in addressing educational challenges. By sharing best practices and successful strategies, we aim to foster a culture of continuous improvement across the state.

2. Special Education

Objective: Develop a model for targeted/intensive support for LEAs to address specific needs of Students with Disabilities.

  • Targeted Support: We will work closely with LEAs to identify and address the unique needs of students with disabilities. This involves creating tailored intervention programs and providing specialized resources to ensure these students receive the support they need to succeed.
  • Intensive Support: For LEAs requiring more comprehensive assistance, we will develop intensive support services within the SSOS. This includes the development of more intensive support systems for more intensive LEA needs.

3. Mathematics

Objective: Build coherence across all state-funded math leads with statewide impact by working with state partners to provide universal resources coordination to support the demands of the new math framework.

  • State Partnerships: Collaborating with state educational partners, we will align our efforts to create a cohesive approach to mathematics education. This includes coordinating resources and initiatives to support the implementation of the new math framework.
  • Resource Coordination: We will develop and disseminate universal resources, such as instructional materials and training programs, to ensure all educators have the tools they need to effectively teach the new math standards. Our goal is to promote consistency and high-quality math instruction across all schools.

4. Literacy

Objective: Work in partnership with the California Department of Education to develop a more coherent approach to state literacy initiatives.

  • Coherence and Alignment: Partnering with state agencies and SSOS literacy leads, to align various literacy initiatives. This will help create a unified approach to literacy education, ensuring that all students have access to comprehensive and consistent literacy instruction.
  • Support and Resources: We will assist in creating awareness and understanding of how to access universal support opportunities for LEAs including professional development opportunities, instructional resources, and evidence-based strategies to enhance literacy outcomes. Our focus will be on building capacity within schools to deliver effective literacy instruction.

In conclusion, the CCEE is committed to advancing educational excellence through a strategic focus on data, special education, mathematics, and literacy. By fostering collaboration, providing targeted support, and promoting coherence across state initiatives, we aim in partnership with our state lead agencies, to ensure that every student in California receives a high-quality equitable education that prepares them for future success.


Matt Navo, Executive Director
California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE)