SSOS Core Working Group Report

The June 2024 report from the Core Working Group outlines their analysis and recommendations for California’s Statewide System of Support (SSOS), which is designed to aid Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in improving student performance and addressing educational disparities (Education Code Section 52059.5). This report highlights the current operational strengths and areas needing enhancement to ensure the SSOS is more accessible and effective across all levels of support—universal, targeted, and intensive.

Key Highlights:

  1. Multi-Tiered Support Structure: The SSOS provides structured support at universal, targeted, and intensive levels to meet the diverse needs of California’s LEAs, emphasizing customized resources and continuous improvement.
  2. Barriers to Accessibility: Despite its comprehensive framework, there is uneven awareness and accessibility of these resources among LEAs, necessitating improved communication strategies and clarity in resource distribution.
  3. Strategic Recommendations: The report outlines detailed recommendations to enhance system coherence, improve resource accessibility, and ensure alignment of services with LEAs’ needs, emphasizing the importance of communication and collaboration across all levels of support.

Call to Action: Education leaders and stakeholders are encouraged to review the detailed findings and implement the recommended strategies to ensure equitable support distribution and to foster an environment conducive to continuous educational improvement. Engage with the proposed improvements by providing feedback and participating in collaborative efforts to refine the SSOS.