Fillmore Unified School District, which includes Fillmore Middle School, Mountain Vista Elementary, Piru Elementary, Rio Vista Elementary, San Cayetano Elementary, and Fillmore Senior High School, is participating in the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence’s (CCEE) Intensive Assistance Model Project.

Key Highlights:

  1. Professional Learning Communities: Fillmore Unified has established Guiding Coalitions at each school to lead the PLC process, with all staff receiving extensive professional development and coaching to implement, deepen, and sustain the PLC.
  2. Math-Focused Collaboration: The district has partnered with expert math coaches to focus on research-based strategies, diagnostics, standards-based instruction, and equity-based grading, aiming to improve student outcomes in math across all grade levels.
  3. Enhanced Student Support: The district has implemented student tutoring and expanded enrichment opportunities addressing SEL and STEAM activities during intersessions and after school. These initiatives aim to provide comprehensive academic support and development for all students.

Call to Action:

To learn more about the transformative initiatives at Fillmore Unified and hear directly from school leaders, listen to Rising from the Margins Season One Episode Five, featuring Fillmore High School and Fillmore Middle School.

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