CCEE is pleased to announce the submission of two significant legislative reports. These reports introduce innovative tools and research aimed at enhancing policy and practice in education.

1. California Individualized Education Program (IEP) Expert Panel Report. This report outlines the process undertaken by the IEP expert panel to refine the existing IEP template, which is included in the report along with implementation recommendations. For inquiries, please contact Mindy Fattig at [email protected].

2. Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) 1.0 Final Report. Highlighting the achievements of the first phase of the CEI, this report highlights recent accomplishments and lays the groundwork for future development. The CEI team is excited to build upon this work and continue to provide resources and support to strengthen community engagement. Here is a short video taken from a recent Peer Leading and Learning Network (PLLN) convening in April that uplifts the energy and excitement that exists across the state for this important work. View Video Here For more details, please reach out to David Toston at [email protected].

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